How To Get Furniture On Instalment For Your Home – 9 Things To Consider

Buying furniture on finance for your home is a great idea. Make your financing experience even better with these nine tips.

1. Choose for your own needs.

One of the critical points about instalment agreements to get furniture is matching your choice to your needs. Not what someone in a furniture store or anyone else thinks are your needs – other than people living and working with you.

Have a look at the R4K product line-up.


Living Room Packages

Lounges and Recliners

Other Furniture

For example, there are more than 30 dining sets to choose from a huge choice of sizes, designs, and styles.

Think about what you like that best suits you and your home.

Take it further with a living package.

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2. Plan ahead

Flexibility is a big part of financing. But if you can plan ahead, you add to the benefits.

Perhaps you could make a dot-point list of where you see yourself in two or three years.

That could include where you might be living, relationships, work goals, income, etc.

3. Consult us – or friends

You’re the decision maker. But it’s a good idea to kick your aims and intentions around with friends and family. And, of course, with anyone living or working with you.

One sensible move is to talk with people who have already gone through the challenge of setting up their house or apartment.

That will help you weigh up what items you really need or perhaps don’t need.
R4K can also help with advice based on our years of experience and customer feedback.

Phone us on 1300 1300 77 to talk about the possibilities. There’s no obligation.

4. Make your space work for you

Have a good look around the house. Decide first what is essential to your lifestyle, then add the ‘nice to have’ possibilities.

Will they fit comfortably into the space? Take measurements and compare them with the specifications featured in our product section.

We provide detailed measurements and other data such as weight because that’s a necessity.

Some of our home and furniture types have size options – bigger or smaller variants, whatever suits you best.

Making space work for you also calls for some philosophical thinking. Don’t panic; that just means having a good think-through about how you want your space to look and feel.

Your space must combine comfort, practicality and safety.

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5. One or more – everything is affordable

You’re not forced to spend big when choosing furniture on an instalment agreement. it’s actually an alternative to rent to own furniture options. That’s good because most of us don’t have the money to buy more than one item at a time. Even that can be a challenge given today’s prices.

We will create an instalment agreement that suits you best with costs spread over 24-36 months, depending on your income and budget.

That means you can opt for a single recliner or a whole lounge suite.

6. You change, your styles change

For most people, life is dynamic. We change our lifestyles over the years.

Home furniture trends change, too. R4K keeps abreast of the changes in trends and needs, listening daily to customer feedback. That’s why we add new options regularly.

7. Delivery is done for you

When you buy furniture from R4K on an instalment agreement, delivery is not only included in the overall agreement, but done quickly and with a smile.

As part of our discussions on the instalment agreement, we’ll work with you to arrange a convenient delivery time – no leaving on the doorstep. We’ll have it brought inside.

Then your only job is to decide exactly how to place your new furniture!

8. Maximise storage

Sometimes, creating sufficient storage space at home is challenging. Furniture on instalment lets you choose product options which add storage capacity.

Take the opportunity to look through your possessions. We all keep stuff we don’t really need.

The ‘new start’ provided by financing furniture is a good time to decide whether you really, really need everything.

9. Entertain yourself

Buying furniture on instalment is more than providing the necessities of daily living.

You can finance furniture to set the scene for relaxation and entertaining.

Entertainment units are a good foundation for TV and audio and provide extra storage space.

And, of course, we have a huge choice of TV, audio and home gaming products to create your perfect entertainment centre.


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