Why buy fitness equipment on finance?

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Are you interested in starting a home gym? If you’re keen to stay on top of your fitness, starting a home gym is a great way to improve your access to crucial equipment and make self-motivating much easier.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss why you might start your own home gym, and how buying fitness equipment instead of renting is one of the best ways to do that.

Financing fitness equipment: Pros and cons

Have you considered renting fitness equipment? Try buying it on finance!
R4K is the new way to get your brand-new fitness equipment at no upfront cost.

It’s called ‘sale by instalment’ or product financing.

We’ve compiled a list of pros and cons so you can make a better-informed decision on financing your home fitness equipment.

Pros of instalment plans for fitness equipment

● No upfront cost: Fitness equipment can be very expensive, especially if you expect quality. Financing services means that cost is split over much more manageable weekly payments (or fortnightly payments).

R4K is not a rent, rent-to-own or rent-to-buy service. We are dedicated to providing the best equipment by instalment plan solutions on home exercise and home gym equipment. Brand new and all backed by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Start working out today: Because there’s no upfront payment, you don’t need to save up to start getting into shape. You can buy fitness equipment today and start your workout journey immediately while paying for it over time. You will own it at the end of the instalment plan.

● Choose your equipment: Compared to a gym membership, financing products means you get to choose exactly what equipment you want. You have total control over the type and quality of machines you use. The weekly or fortnightly payment is often much lower than joining a gym.

● Ready access to fitness gear: A home gym means you don’t have to psych yourself up to go to the gym because it’s right there in the comfort of your home. Financing a phone, whitegoods – or in this case, fitness equipment – means you can quickly fill a home gym, and you can always access it conveniently.

● Privacy while you work out: Some people don’t feel comfortable working out where others can see them. Financing a home gym means you can fumble and sweat as much as you need without drawing the eye of judgemental strangers. Check out the fitness equipment on instalments.

● You can get the right financing plan for you: compared to a standard financing plan, an R4K plan means you can get the equipment you want fast, with an easy online application.

● Low-or-no credit history finance: Finally, an R4K plan means you can get access to brand-new products at great weekly rates. At R4K, we work with recipients, students, and more, to help you access what you need when you need it. We may be able to help you if you have a bad credit history; contact us for more information.

Here are our most popular fitness products available for financing.


York Enforcer Home Gym

York T600 Treadmil

York C420 Exercise Bike

York – X315 Foldable Cross Trainer


Cons of financing fitness equipment

● Higher total cost than upfront purchase: The convenience of a sale by instalment plan comes with a cost.

While you won’t pay any upfront cost, you’ll pay more over time. This means financing products is a good option for people who have an income but not large savings.

What fitness equipment can I buy on finance?

If you’d like to buy fitness equipment for your own home gym, here are a few ideas of equipment you might like.


Treadmills are a great investment for a simple home cardio machine. These work like a simple conveyor belt, allowing you to walk or run in place while working up a sweat. Many treadmills also feature incline settings so you can practise resistance cardio, plus heart radio monitoring to help you track your performance.

Some treadmills available from R4K AU include:

● PowerTrain MX-1 Treadmill
● Lifespan Fitness Pursuit Treadmill
● Everfit 18 Speed Foldable Electric Treadmill
● PowerTrain V100 Treadmill


Ellipticals are another cardio machine. These cross-trainers are popular with beginners as well as older people. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t appropriate for experienced exercisers as well. There is no jolty impact and are a great way to improve your fitness at home.

The key benefit of ellipticals is that they do not place as great a pressure on your joints and bones as treadmills or other cardio machines. Because the machine moves with your body, you aren’t hitting the pedals with your full weight every time you step. This is more comfortable for a lot of people, as there’s no feeling of impact.

You can also get an upper body workout with an elliptical by pumping your arms on the handles as fast as you’re moving your legs.

View the R4K fitness range including ellipticals HERE.

Rowing machines

Rowing machines are loved by many because they offer a full-body workout in one machine. You’ll sit at one end and push to extend your legs while pulling back on the handles, simulating the action of rowing. This simple exercise targets your upper back, pecs, arms, abdominal muscles, obliques, quadriceps, calves and glutes. Start slow, and you will be amazed at the benefits of using a rowing machine.

Like ellipticals, rowing machines are low-impact, so they place less pressure on your joints. Rowing machines are excellent for people of all fitness levels, and are fully adjustable for beginners or experts.


View the R4K fitness range including rowing machines HERE.

Exercycles and spin bikes

Exercycles, or stationary bikes, are great for home exercise. They’re not to be confused with a spin bike, however similar they seem.

While exercise bikes are great for people of all fitness levels looking to improve cardiovascular health, weight loss efforts and general fitness, spin bikes are a little more advanced.

The most notable difference between the two is that a spin bike more closely mimics the shape of a real bike. So, you’ll gain more transferable fitness to real cycling with a spin bike. Spin bikes have a great calorie burn potential and target your legs, arms, back and core.

Meanwhile, exercise bicycles are a bit safer, have a modern calorie-burn potential and only really target your legs. If you’re new to home fitness, an exercycle may be a better fit.


Some stationary bikes and spin bikes available from R4K can be found HERE.

Home gym resistance machines

Weights machines are available at home too. Often simply called “home gyms” these are all-in-one resistance machines. Using a pulley system, home gym resistance machines let you set your resistance weight and then carry out a number of different exercise variations to build strength throughout your body.

The intelligent design of these machines provides the structure and support for you to complete exercises similar to free weights but with greater guidance.
These are best for people who are just beginning to work out with weights, and who don’t know every exercise by memory yet.

Some home gym resistance machines available from can be found HERE.

Free weights

Free weights are any kind of weight loss equipment used to provide resistance during exercise. This resistance helps to work your muscles and build strength. Free weights are often sold in sets, so you can customise your weight level and adapt as you grow stronger.

You might choose free weights if you know the exercises you like to do or if you prefer to follow workout videos at home and want free weights available to adapt those videos.

Some free weights available from R4K can be found HERE.

I’m ready to buy home fitness equipment! What next?

If you’re ready to get fitness equipment with no upfront cost for your home gym, you can check-out online, call us now on 1300 1300 77 or apply online today. Our expert team will be in touch as soon as possible to help you.

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