Buying Guide: How To Buy Dining Tables On Finance

Being able to sit down together at a dining table is a great way to bring the family together for meals and open the floor for some real conversations. Instead of eating on the couch with the TV on, you can spend some quality time with your family or housemates and foster those valuable social connections.

Dining tables are a staple in any family home, but they aren’t always affordable. A new dining table can easily cost over $1,000 and, while cheaper options may exist, they’re often unstable and of poor quality. If you’d like to own a decent dining table but can’t afford the hefty upfront price tag, consider getting a dining table on an instalment agreement from R4K. Get it now, pay for it on weekly instalments, and own it at the end. This is a great alternative to furniture rental.

Let’s go over everything you should consider before you buy a dining table on finance or for sale by instalment.

Shape and Size

Dining tables are available in many different shapes and sizes, and not all dining tables seat the same number of people. Before you choose a dining table, you’ll need to know how much space you have in your home so you can select the right size and shape.

an infographic that explains the different sizes of dining tables

Round dining tables are a popular option for people with limited space. If you’re in an apartment or a studio, you might prefer a round dining table as you can fit more chairs around it without requiring too much additional space. If a surprise guest shows up, it’s often easier to squeeze around a round table than a rectangular one.

Rectangular dining tables are often considered the default. You can generally seat between 2 and 12 people at a rectangular dining table, but the larger the table, the more it will cost you. The exact dimensions of dining tables are not standardised, but they tend to be fairly consistent.

As a general rule, you should always allow a minimum of 75 cm of space around your dining table to give enough space for people to take or leave their seats. Be sure to factor this allowance in while measuring your dining area.

Expandable dining tables

If you’re short on space but like to entertain, an expandable dining table may be a great choice for you. In day-to-day life, your dining table can remain in its smaller form (often around the size of a 4-6 seater). So, you’ll have more space to move around your home freely.

When you have guests, your dining table can expand usually up by one size category. So, a 4-6 seater will grow to a 6-8 seater.


The materials of your dining table matter, mostly for maintenance reasons. Dining tables are typically made from a mixture of wood, metal and sometimes glass. Take note of these factors when choosing your dining table:


● Metal: Often used for table legs, but rarely used for the tabletop. Metal may be natural steel, or powder-coated to add colour and matte texture. If you have a puppy or a kitten, metal table legs are far less likely to be chewed or damaged.

● Wood: Wood is perhaps the most common material for a dining table and can be used for both the legs and the tabletop. It’s important to note that not all woods are equal in terms of harness, durability and appearance. Look for dense hardwoods like acacia.

● Wood veneer: Keep an eye out for wooden veneers. These often use a cheaper core like HDF or MDF with a thin layer of laminate or real wood applied on top. They can look great and perform well, but may not last as long as pure wood.

● Glass: Glass is only used for the top of a dining table, although some stylistic dining tables may use acrylic for glass-look legs. Glass can look very elegant and reduce the visual weight of a dining table, but it can be a pain to keep clean as it will show fingerprints, smudges, dust and food marks very clearly.


Style should be a consideration if you’re buying a dining table for your home. In addition to your personal tastes, the style and colour of your table can influence its longevity.

For example, if you have crayon-crazy kids, you may prefer to avoid matt whites or light woods as they can stain very easily. Go for a table with dark wooden legs or even metal legs to minimise the risk of lasting damage.

The base of a dining table can also influence how you use it. Legs are of course the most common option, but even the way the legs are angled might affect how many people can comfortably sit at the table. A pedestal base can reduce the risk of diners bumping their knees but can limit space and comfort for their feet.

Ultimately style is about you, your taste and your lifestyle.


Havana 4 Seater Dining Table with Samba Dining Chairs

Dalkeith 8 Seater Dining Set with Kota Chairs

Verona 4-Seater Dining Set with Flint Chairs

Draper 6 Seater Dining Table with Elke Chairs



Budget always needs to be a consideration. You might love a certain dining table, but if it’s not going to work with your budget then you need to find an alternative or look for ways to bring the cost down. One way could be to choose the same table in a smaller size or to opt for bench seating instead of chairs.

While budget is important if you want a dining table that will last you should avoid going for the cheapest option.


Seating: Chairs or Benches

Finally, think about what kind of seating you’d like to have in your home.

● Dining chairs: Dining chairs are the classic option, with one seat per person. They’re comfortable and convenient, as people can get up without interrupting others at the table. Dining chairs also often have backs to make dining more comfortable. Unfortunately, dining chairs can be upwards of $300 a chair, which quickly adds up when you need to seat 8 people.

● Dining benches: Dining benches are a cost-effective way to squeeze more mouths around the table. As one long seat, people can bunch together and get cosy to allow more people to sit. Benches can also be neatly tucked under some dining tables to completely free up the floor space that chairs might otherwise use. Unfortunately, some diners don’t like sitting on a bench as the lack of a back can be uncomfortable, and it can be awkward to get up or sit back down.

● Dining suite: Keep an eye out for complete dining suites. These will include a table and chairs or a bench (or a combination of both!) and are often a great way to save money and combine your needs into a single package.


Buy on finance or Buy Upfront?

Whether you pay for a dining table in instalments or buy it upfront you should consider your current finances and your financial goals. It’s ultimately a personal decision, but to help you decide we’ve put together the handy table below.


Buy a dining table upfront Getting it on an R4K Instalment Agreement (finance)
  • Expensive lump sum, often prohibitive
  • No upfront payment
  • New, never-before-used item
  • New, never-before-used item
  • You own the item immediately
  • You buy the item to pay for in weekly instalments.
  • Delivery charged by retailer
  • Often Free delivery
  • No ongoing costs
  • Manageable low weekly payments
  • No credit checks
  • Compassionate understanding of bad credit history – we consider all applicants fairly
  • Cheaper long-term
  • You pay extra long-term for the convenience
  • Manufacturer warranty applies
  • Manufacturer warranty applies
  • Good quality dining furniture may be out of your price range
  • Good quality dining furniture may be more affordable broken down into weekly payments

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Why buy a dining table with an instalment plan from R4K?

R4K proudly services the whole of Australia, providing the latest brands and products across the country. R4K is a fully Australian owned company. We’re committed to making the buying process as easy, simple and friendly as possible – no upfront costs, and affordable payments.

We’ll chat with you about the best products for your budget and situation, and come up with a plan for you to pay for your purchase in weekly instalments appropriate for your cash flow.
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