What Is The Best Mattress To Get On Instalments

Getting a mattress on an instalment agreement makes sense for many people. It’s affordable, flexible and easy to do. More people are financing mattresses in Australia than ever before.

Whether you’re moving to a new home or setting up temporary accommodation for a family or staff member, R4K has a mattress for every need.

All our mattresses are brand new, in perfect condition and from well-known, dependable manufacturers. They are fully backed by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Our reputation is for quality and comfort at affordable prices. Get a new mattress with no upfront cost.

Safety is a keynote. All the mattresses in our catalogue meet Australian safety code requirements.

Whether you want firm support or indulgent comfort there is a mattress to match your lifestyle choice.

Maybe a mattress that contours your body shape is what you’re looking for.
And if you have a partner with differing needs we can suggest a mattress that is flexible enough to suit you both.

The R4K catalogue explains the unique attributes of each mattress. This allows you to take the guesswork out of your decision.

The information provided is concise but descriptive and accurate. If you still have questions after reading this we’re here to give advice.

We work daily with people who are considering buying mattresses on finance or instalment and other home needs. Call on our experience, always without any obligation.

We sell a huge variety of home appliances and furniture on instalment agreements to thousands of people in Australia, all with no upfront cost. If you are considering mattress rental, contact us first to discuss an instalment agreement option.

Yes, just click to see the extensive range of mattress types and sizes at R4K. Choose what suits you best. There are full descriptions for every mattress. Then fill in the no-obligation application form. The form is designed to be easy and quick but also comprehensive.

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Will R4K help me choose a mattress?

When you apply online, an experienced R4K specialist will call at your convenience to discuss your specific needs. Or phone us on 1300 1300 77 or Request a Call Back.

We can help match you up with a mattress that’s perfect for you. Sleeping comfort is not the same for everyone.

Usually, we’ll be able to approve and arrange your mattress instalment agreement on the same day as you apply.

Here’s a few of our most popular mattresses

Sleepscape Queen Deluxe Mattress

Sleepscape Single Medium Firm Mattress

Posturepedic Plush Mattress


How much does it cost to get a mattress by instalment?

Weekly rates range from $TBC to $TBC weekly. Several price options are available. Click on each mattress in the R4K catalogue for details on benefits and costs. Prices are indicative and may vary depending on where you live. Terms are flexible, from 24-36 months.

What if my credit rating isn’t perfect?

At R4K we understand that some customers might not have the best credit history. Our team will work with you to tailor flexible instalment agreements that match your situation. We take a positive ‘make it work’ approach.

Find out more about our credit checks here.

Are mattresses available anywhere in Australia?

We cover 99% of Australia through our nationwide of territory representatives. Contact us now for your nearest representative’s contact details. For more information on locations, you can phone R4K on 1300 383 264

Is it safe to buy a mattress on instalment?

Yes, because our mattresses are new products from dependable manufacturers they are safe. Mattresses at R4K meet all safety requirements. If you give us a call on 1300 1300 77, we would be happy to discuss any personal concerns and provide appropriate safety information. Or check out the online mattress catalogue.

Are there any health issues in buying a mattress on instalment?

Our mattresses are new, high quality and very well-proven. If you have health issues relating to fibres or any other materials you can check what each mattress is made of in the R4K catalogue. Ask us for further information or talk with your health professional.

Will my mattress be delivered to me?

Yes, delivery is included in the agreement! Your mattress will be delivered very soon after your application is approved. If you need assistance to put it in place we can do that too! Contact us to check which local R4K team is closest to you.

Can I buy other home appliances by instalment?

If you need more than a mattress, we can help you at any time. The R4K home appliances product line-up is truly wide-ranging.

It includes other bedroom furniture as well as,



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